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Things to Prioritize When Purchasing Chicken Feed

Chicken feed is made to give balanced nutrition on the basis of the purpose of the bird. While every brand is made the same nutritionally, every company gives its own proprietary blend. Therefore every one of them is going to make use of ratios of the same ingredients in order to meet the overall nutritional guidelines. You may have no idea on what to feed the chicken you have to give them the most ideal nutrition. If that is your situation worry not because this article has your back. Discussed below are types of grain feed selection that can be used to feed your flock appropriately.

To start with there is one known as a chicken starter. The feed from this linkis normally given to the baby chicks in forms that are crumbled. It is simple for them to take in and digest void of it being necessary to use grit as a supplement. Chick starter is normally eighteen percent protein and this aids the chicks to grow strong and become steady. Contents that have higher proteins may result in the little ones growing so fast. There are those manufacturers that make a combination of growers and starter feed for the chicks. These are ideal for chicks all the way from hatch up to twenty weeks when hens start laying eggs. The rest of the manufacturers usually separate chick from grower feeds. When that is done the chick starter is usually fed for close to eight weeks, and then a different grower feed is given close to the laying point.

Then there is the broiler feed. Feeds for meat chickens are made with either twenty percent or even twenty two percent protein for speedy and optimum meat production. Go for a feed that is manufactured for meat birds in case you are a hybrid is what you are raising such as a dual-purpose, Cornish cross, or even chicken flocks that are mixed, turkeys, and ducks for meat. Feed purposed for laying hens have very little protein for meat chickens that grow up so fast. Watch and learn more at

There are feed stores that manufacture their own feed brands, at times with the cracked or whole grains. These chicken feedare going to meet the guidelines for nutrition for the kind of birds that you are raising but if the bags they have do not have labels you should always request for information pertaining to the protein content.

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